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Сэмплы и лупы от  Нижегородской музыкальной странички



Drum loop t-075, Drum loop t-079, Drum loop t-083, Drum loop t-092, Drum loop t-096, Drum loop t-100, Drum loop t-100, Drum loop t-100, Drum loop t-101, Drum loop t-106, Drum loop t-110, Drum loop t-111, Drum loop t-135, Drum loop t-135, Drum loop t-151, Music loop t-070, Music loop t-140, Loop4m, Another, Loop8m, 3/4, Loop5m, Bailey, Loop9m, Howard2m, Loop6m, Collins, Vocal Loop1, Loop10m, Loop7m, Bossa.


Brass_fanf, Flectronic, Rezo basics, Submarine, Zoolook, Chemical, Fly with me, Rhythmic_tp, Vocalbas, Dreams_of_Sci, Going groovy, Sady song, Warm brass, Electronic, Good old pad, Slick elec, Warm strings, Flying free, Kogr-01WFD, Smog pads, Worry heart.

Ensoniq TS user programs

balalajka, Brass_fanf, Patch_perc, Slick_elec, Warmsaw, Zoolook, 11/8_groove, Nostalgie, Pole_chudes, Record_grv, Sady_song, Strum, Tropic_grv, 80_groove, Ace_of_base, Again_60th, Analog_pad, Back_side, Bad_dreams, Big_brasses, Bossa_nova1, Good_old_pad, Police, Reflections, Drems_of_sci, Strum_m, Vasistdas, Bossa_nova2, Brasses, Chemical, Clear_pad, Crystal_pad, Dark_orch, Don_di, Easy_4/4, One_key_run, Pno_for_pop, Rezo_bass, Smog_pad, Submarine, Vocal_bass, Electronic, Elegant_pad, Erot_groove, Euro-93, Find_me_out, Flectronic, Flying_free, Fly_with_me, One_of_grooves, Pop_raggae, R'n'b_var1, Something, Supermax, Warm_brass, Fret_in_space, Galaktica, Gloria_thang, Glory, Go_west, Going_droovy, Grooving, Hey_puppy, House_of_pain, Press_and_wheel, R'n'b_var2, Stars_pad, Sweet, Warm_strng...

All programs are in standart System Exlusive format. Use System Exclusive Dump of your favorite software. If you don't have any, try SysEx. Attention! Some browsers can save files as *.htm or add a second extention *.syx. Don't worry, just rename to *.syx and enjoy!

Ensoniq ASR disk images

037, 10 000, 6 000, pad-049, SFX #1, SFX #2, SFX #4, SFX #5, SFX #6, SFX #8, SFX #16.

The name of the disk image is the same name that the ASR disk will have. Each file has size not more than 1.6 Mb.
instructions to find out how to use. Content of SFX Disks.

Rap complects

Complect1, Complect2.


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